My Football Manager 2021 plans & fm21 save reveal, My Football Manager 2021 plans & fm21 save reveal


My Football Manager 2021 Plans & FM21 Save Reveal


Hello boys and girls and everything in between. It’s me BadJokes back at ya with a blog for the first time in a little while and today I want to talk to you about my Football Manager 2021 plans & FM21 save reveal. Before we get there I want to apologise to anyone that may have read my previous blogs, as it’s been very stop-start. I’ve been making the transition from Youtube & Twitch over to blogging. I’ve found that there is a lot more work that goes into running your own blog site than I ever imagined there would be and rather naively, I thought I would just be able to write and publish my posts and that would be job done BOSH! There’s a lot more that goes into it but I’m learning and part of the next twelve months and the FM21 cycle will involve me learning a lot more about blogging in general and running my own site, so I hope you stick with me for the duration of the FM21 cycle. Now onto the part why you’re all here; the save reveals!!



My Football Manager 2021 plans & fm21 save reveal, My Football Manager 2021 plans & fm21 save reveal


So the beta for Football Manager 2021 is due out 2 weeks before the main release date of the 24th of November but for reasons that will become apparent later on, I need a save that will take a little longer than just those two weeks. So for the first time since I started creating content around three years ago, I am heading north of the border up to Scotland to take the reins at Rangers FC. 
This is the obvious choice for me for many reasons

  1.  I get to send Steven Gerrard into unemployment ( I will never forgive him for that goal in the 2006 FA Cup final) 
  2. My best mate in the content creation community HanmisterYounger is a Rangers fan, so I want to see what I can do with his team
  3. Jermain Defoe is playing for Rangers and I loved him as a youngster at West Ham 
  4. I bought a mystery box back in April and decided that whatever top I got would be my Beta save and got a really nice Ranger’s away T-Shirt which you can see me unboxing Here


The plans for the save as of right now, are to play the save for around a month until I can start on my main save for the FM21 cycle. So I’m estimating I might get around to about three or four seasons. I’m hoping to obviously win the SPL, which should be fairly straightforward, but then I want to bring a European trophy back to Ibrox and in doing so, Restore the Rangers Empire!!!


My Football Manager 2021 plans & fm21 save reveal, My Football Manager 2021 plans & fm21 save reveal

That’s right people we’re off to the seaside for our main save of Football Manager 2021 we’re going to have some Margate Madness!!
Now I know this will probably be a popular save on this year’s game but I couldn’t resist doing it myself once I saw the kits that Margate have this year. Not only are they cool as hell, but there sponsored by the band responsible for one of my top 5 songs of all time (Don’t Look Back Into The Sun in case anyone is wondering). So when a friend of mine ordered me the pink top, that was the decision made for my main save of the year, which I’m hoping to keep going all the way through to FM22. I’m sure I will enjoy this save as it will be similar to my Kings Lynn save from last year that I really enjoyed, until I blew up my laptop because I was playing it too much. Whoops!! My Football Manager 2021 plans & fm21 save reveal, My Football Manager 2021 plans & fm21 save reveal

Catch ya later

Thanks so much for reading this. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and are looking forward to both of the saves as much as I am. It should be another fun year, full of management mishaps and hopefully, a few trophy wins. I’ll be back with another blog nearer the time of FM21 being released, with a look at all the new features in the new game. let me know on TWITTER what saves you’re doing for the new game and what new features you would like to see. 

Until then though, this is me out. I’ll catch ya around. BadJokes Out!!!