Blog update-new series introduction
Blog update-new series introduction

Blog update


Hello, people, it’s me Badjokes back at ya with a blog update, this is going to be a quick one today just to explain what’s been going on since my last post 3 weeks ago today and my future plans for the blog.

Well since the last post I’ve turned 30 years old AARRRGGHHH and to say I didn’t react well would be a massive understatement. I had about 2 weeks of really questioning what I’ve done with my life, and why I’ve never really succeeded at anything and just being full of doubts about the future. I think the whole world situation right now finally got to me and I needed to stop, slow down and take a break to get past my 30th birthday. So then my birthday came and I had a really good day thanks to my amazing other half Abi really spoiling me and looking after me for the day, so I started feeling better and started thinking about getting back to writing the Fulham save when disaster struck and my laptop completely died kaboom bosh game over (Insert dying noise from sonic here) on my birthday which really sucked, and so that means that I’ve had to go and get a new laptop which thankfully I now have which is how I’m writing for you beautiful people. However, despite taking the hard drive out of the old laptop I can’t get to my old FM save files which sucks so the fulham save is dead and buried like an old school undertaker opponent. 


Future plans

So after the last few weeks, I thought to myself you know what I would love to do?? That’s right go travelling around Europe see some of the famous monuments, maybe the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome, The Castle of La Mota in Valladolid, or the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin but then I snapped out of fantasy land and reminded myself that would be incredibly expensive, I probably couldn’t leave the cat at home on its own that long oh and there’s a certain Pandemic going on meaning that even my local harvester isn’t open so European travel probably isn’t the best idea right now. 

With Plan A out the window as far as travelling goes, I went to plan B and that plan B is to do it virtually in the world of Football Manager 2020. So we are going to be going around Europe with Badjokes’ European comedy tour!! 

Im going to be loading up most of the European leagues from the base game in FM so I really could be starting up anywhere, I’m sure it’s going to be a fun ride full of comical management.

Blog update, Blog update-new series introduction

Bon Voyage

                  I’m excited about the new Journeyman save I hope you all are as well. Let me know on twitter @badjokesgaming what country you think I’m going to start off in, I’m going to have episode 1 of the comedy tour out by the end of the week as we find where I’m starting the tour off.

Thanks for reading this blog update I’ll catch ya all next time!!